Event Organizing Committee

The organizing committee represents the core of an ASME event.  Vital decisions are made within the organizing committee.  It is the central unit in which the conference program is developed.  Volunteer organizers devote valuable time and resources into planning an ASME event.  It is important that there are enough representatives within the committee to handle various aspects of the event programming.  Below are lists of possible positions that can be utilized and developed. 


·         General Program Chair:  The General Program Chair over sees all of the conference planning and program development.  This person should be responsible for managing the coordination and communication between all event organizers, ASME staff and vendors as needed.  Other tasks that this person will handle but not limited to include:  Special events, Guest Tours, Technical Tours, Sponsorships and Exhibits (if there is not additional committee member who will handle this), Awards, Schedule, Attendee Give Away, Registration, etc… 


·         Technical Program Chair:  The Technical Program Chair is responsible for the planning and execution of the technical program; i.e., developing the session layout and technical content.  The Technical Program Chair should possess a full understanding of the structure of the conference and knowledge of the ASME publication process.  Other responsibilities may include selection of Keynote Plenary speakers.


·         Exhibits Chair:  This would depend on the overall expectation of conference exhibits.  If your conference is expecting a tradeshow type exhibit where you have more than 20 exhibitors, you should not only consider an “exhibits chair” as a volunteer role, but you should consider a paid vendor to handle ‘all’ exhibit arrangements including selling space and handling all of the exhibit arrangements.


·         Tutorials or Workshop Chair:  Depending on the number of workshops and/or tutorials you plan on offering, this position can help finalize those details.  Similar to the Technical Program Chair of the entire event, the tutorials/workshop chair can oversee the development and approval of suggested tutorials or workshops. 


·         Student Activities Chair:  This position would help manage and develop the student participation at your event.  ASME’s growing population is at its strongest within our students and Early Career Engineers membership level.  Offering programs and activities to help further develop and increase this member level is vital to ASME’s growth.


Frequently Asked Questions about this topic


Q:  At what point should the Event Chair be assigned?

A:  Ideally, the sponsoring unit should identify the General Program Chair and the Technical Program Chair at least 24 months prior to the start of the conference.  Other positions within the organizing committee should be identified shortly after on an as needed basis. 


Q: What is the role of the Conference Advisor? Is it required that the Advisor sign off during the conference approval process?

A: Unique to K&C Technical Communities, Conference Advisors are appointed by the respective Technical Group Leader for the division sponsoring the event to serve as a mentor for the duration of the planning process. The assigned Conference Advisor is expected to initiate contact with the Event Chair, long before the event is submitted through the Event Planning & Approval Tool, and begin the process of communication regarding conference issues. However, it is the Event Chair and Technical Group Leader, not the Conference Advisor, who endorse an event for approval by the Events Committee through the Event Planning & Approval Tool.


Q:  Who will be developing the technical program?

A:  Primarily, the volunteer organizers will develop all aspects of the technical program.  However, additional support can be abtained from the unit leadership (ie divison, executive committee etc.) or ASME staff.